i will stand by you meaning

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stand by definition: 1. to be waiting and ready to do something or to help: 2. to allow something unpleasant to happen…. To rise to an upright position on the feet. Stand By You is a genuine song that explains that through the hardest times, someone will always be with you, including God. See more. Standby definition is - one to be relied on especially in emergencies. 1. a. Stand by: to give steadfast support to. It just makes me want to cry because it is so powerful and is very hearty. To rise to an upright position on the feet. ing, stands v.intr. b. How to use standby in a sentence. Find another word for stand by. b. To maintain an upright position on the feet. The song was written by Chrissie Hynde and the songwriting team of Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg, and produced by Ian Stanley.The song is a ballad in which the singer pledges love and faithful assistance to a loved one in times of personal darkness. "I'll Stand by You" is a 1994 song recorded by The Pretenders from their sixth studio album, Last of the Independents. This song means to me is that my long distance lover of 350 miles has just lost his wife to cancer, and to me every word is so true of this song, from the dark time which he's going through right now, and that he's not alone I will stand by him, I will wipe his tears when we meet again in … Springsteen added that "I'll Stand By You" is a "big ballad" that he wrote for his eldest son. 11 synonyms of stand by from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 36 related words, definitions, and antonyms. 2. a. Learn more. "(It's) very uncharacteristic of something I'd sing myself," he said. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! "I'll Stand by You" is a song recorded by The Pretenders from their sixth studio album, Last of the Independents (1994). Standby definition, a staunch supporter or adherent; one who can be relied upon. Even if we can't find Heaven, I'll walk through ____ with you means that even if you go to the place down under, that person will stay with you. To assume or maintain an upright position as specified: stand straight; stand to one side. ing , stands v. intr. Synonyms for stand by include wait, be prepared, be in readiness, be there for, be at battle stations, be on full alert, be on standby, be ready for action, wait in the wings and be in a state of readiness. 1. a. b. When Simon Mayo of the BBC asked Springsteen why it wasn't used in the Harry Potter movie, he replied, "You'd have to ask them."

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