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Check Price on Amazon This is a lightweight, non-aerosol form styling mousse in the Sexyhair manufacturer and is constructed from safe and benign ingredients. Taking the following factors into consideration can prevent you from choosing a mousse that falls flat of your expectations. L’Oreal Paris AIR DRY IT Mousse both locks in your curls and prevents frizz from ruining your day, meaning it’s easy to have a good hair day when using this mousse. Curl Enhancing Mousse: As expected, a curl enhancing mousse tightens and moisturizes existing curls in the hair. When you diffuse your hair, you lower its chances of encountering frizz. Doing this will lock in the mousse and lower your chances of encountering frizzy hair. Skip the braids, buns, and clips. Make Offer - 4x Big Sexy Hair Big Altitude Bodifying Blow Dry Mousse 6.8 oz, new 2 Not You Mothers Curl Talk Curl Activating Mousse 7 Ounce an 1 of dry shampoo $19.99 If you’d rather not chance it, opt for a mousse-like Sebastian Professional Mousse Forte instead. You may want to comb through your hair with a wide-toothed comb to make sure the mousse is distributed evenly. Unlike some hair mousses that leave the hair feeling heavy and slightly sticky, this high-quality mousse goes on light, giving the hair body instead of weighing it down. And so, it’s best to seek out a product that can give it the moisture and care it deserves, like Nexxus Volumizing Foam. Although L’Oreal Paris AIR DRY IT Mousse does a lot to control your hair, its strong hold can be a little too strong, causing your hair to feel a bit crunchy. Tie hair up into a topknot or loosely braid hair while air-drying. Work a dime to quarter-sized amount of this through your hair and allow it to finish air drying. Style with a blow dryer. Special offers and product promotions. This versatile styling product is a popular choice for both short and long hairstyles. See how a store is chosen for you. Wavy hair is versatile and beautiful, but it may not always feel that way thanks to factors like humidity. Nexxus Volumizing Foam also provides hair with added moisture while dousing it with Keratin Protein and Ceramides. The rich formula, infused with coconut oil, neem oil, and silk protein, moisturizes dry curls, tames frizz, and delivers a silky finish with major bounce. This volumizing mousse offers a maximum hold which is supposed to last all day long, and it does just that when applied to thin and wavy hair. Along with adding volume and hold, hair mousse enhances certain aspects of wavy hair. A quick rundown of the main product families can be seen below: To find out more about mousse and how it compares to other hair styling products, like gel, check out our full buyer’s guide. When styling dry hair, be conservative with the amount of mousse you use to prevent your locks from looking stiff or greasy. Once you find the right product, however, you’ll quickly learn to love your hair, picking up tips and tricks along the way to bring it to new heights (and waves). We love how this product uses primarily natural ingredients: it doesn’t contain alcohol, parabens, mineral oils, sulfates, or petroleum. If you’re looking for a product that you can freshen-up dry hair with, check out Sebastian Professional Mousse Forte. “For longer hair, apply a volumising mousse on wet hair before braiding in different sections. Mousse is one of the most popular hair products amongst the wavy-haired crowd, and for good reason! Dryer and thicker curlies like myself like to layer mousse under gel on wet hair to help define our looser patterns. Best Premium Mousse: SexyHair Styling Mousse, 5. But, to get the best results possible, use a diffuser to dry your hair, as it will perfect your curls while reducing frizz. The air-drying hair trend is one you want to get right. Air Dry Foam enhances your natural wave pattern so it will give a bit of volume throughout your hair. The texturizing, bodifying, volumizing ingredients infused into this formula make hair spring into action and build in a mile of style. Key benefits: - Creates instant waves - Conditions hair - Detangles hair If you want to know more… Crunched on time? Hair mousses come in all different shapes and sizes, and they come in different levels of hold, too! Hair mousse commonly comes in aerosol form. One wrong turn and you could turn into an instant frizz ball. Mousse is so special because it combines a number of styling benefits into a single, foamy formula. If you’re looking for a product that won’t dry your hair out, causing it to be frizzy, Design Essentials has got your back. John Masters Organic Volumising Foam 177ml 2 Apply mousse. But, you can get rid of this by scrunching your hair with your hands once it fully dries. Wavy and curly hair. Biolage is a high-quality hair company that many stylists swear by. Still, it’s not suitable for people with heavily damaged or dried-out hair. Unfortunately, if you’re someone who has a sensitive nose, OGX Coconut Decadent Creamy Mousse’s coconut scent might be too strong for you. You can use gel or hairspray to seal the deal or blow-dry your hair using a diffuser for an even curlier look. If you have dry hair, this is the mousse for you. Air Dry Mousse is my go-to when I want to boost waves and encourage natural texture on fine to medium hair. 1 How to use hair mousse for curls; 2 Tips for managing curly hair; 3 Top Mousse for Curly Hair. The longer hair you have, the more mousse you'll need. For a more tousled look, flip your hair over and scrunch it in an upward motion. We respect your privacy. Mousse or Gel — Which One Is Better for Wavy Hair? You can start by applying a hydrating mousse like OGX Coconut Decadent Creamy Mousse and top it off with a little bit of hair gel. If you’re looking for a lightweight mousse that can help give your hair a tousled look, a good pick is this SexyHair Styling Mousse. Air dry freshly cleaned hair about half way, or until your natural wave pattern starts to form. Air drying and diffusing are both great options for people with wavy hair. Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly is a color-safe and pH-balanced mousse. We love how it leaves the hair feeling light and soft, not heavy and oily. Once your hair is dry, gently scrunch and tousle it to remove the crunch without messing up your style. A lot of times we don’t even know how much potential our own hair has because we’re so quick to blow it out. Instead of weighing your hair down with a heavy product that leaves your hair feeling sticky, John Frieda Frizz Ease Mousse will add a bounce to your step. It smells amazing, too, but not in an overbearing way. Use some dry shampoo on the roots for an added lift,” advises Oberoi. You'll need an egg shaped amount of mousse squirted into your hand for short hair, and slightly more for longer tresses. This is especially useful if you encounter frizzy hair as soon as humidity strikes. Will Air Dry Foam give my hair volume? AIR DRY Mousse. After all, it allows you to skip a time-consuming step and prevents you from overheating your hair with the blow-dryer. We’ll compare and contrast these two methods to help you find which one is better for your lifestyle. But, you can get rid of this by scrunching your hair with your hands once it fully dries. It will lock everything in, keeping your hair bouncy all day long. Principally, the negatives with mousse have to do with price, although there are other small issues some users have with the product. If your hair gets too hot, the mousse might stiffen and make your hair feel crunchy. However, due to the nature of the dispenser, it’s important to keep the bottle in an upright position to prevent it from leaking. It nourishes the hair too, giving it extra moisture, which allows it to tame frizz. When applied to wet hair that is allowed to air dry, the hair is often left with a wet look that can be crunchy feeling, but unlike hair gel, hair mousse combs out easily for a softer look. OGX Coconut Decadent Creamy Mousse is blended with coconut oil and shea butter, which locks in moisture and promotes growth. Take it from Aaron Grenia, the co-founder of IGK Hair, who loves mousse for providing “hold, style memory, lift, and bounce.” Tresemmé stylist Tyler Laswell feels similarly. For overall volume and texture, dispense a golf ball-sized amount of mousse … This major time-saving wash and wear foam creates perfect air-dried waves. It also protects color-treated hair. Air Dry Mousse is my go-to when I want to boost waves and encourage natural texture on fine to medium hair. We love how this styling foam doesn’t contain any parabens, mineral oils, or artificial colorants. How to: Prep: Shampoo + condition in shower as usual. 1. Which hair type is it good for? SexyHair Healthy Fresh Hair Air Dry Styling Mousse, 5.1 Fl Oz 4.4 out of 5 stars 220. It provides the hair with a medium hold that goes above and beyond to condition locks with UV filters. Packed with Kale and Carrot Extract to Condition, Protect and Detangle Hair. Mist dry curls with a fine mist sprayer until they are saturated. OUAI AIR DRY FOAM REVIEW: I usually like my mousse chocolate flavoured and in my mouth. Before you choose a hair styling product, it’s always important to consider your hair type and style. 10 of 10. Allow hair to air dry for a few minutes so your natural pattern can start to come through. The texturizing, bodifying, volumizing ingredients infused into this formula make hair spring into action and build in a mile of style. The item’s consistency is foam-based and only requires two or three pumps to operate on moist, wet hair. 2. However, it is commonly sought out by people of all hair types because of how moisturizing it is. Apply to damp hair. Smooth together smaller curls to form larger curl clumps. Sure, it takes a little extra time for you to dry your hair, but using a diffuser shapes your waves and curls, giving them a gorgeous, defined look. One of the things that sets SexyHair Styling Mousse apart from other mousses is its bottle, which pumps out mousse instead of dispensing it through an aerosol can. Use the medium heat setting on your hair dryer. These air-dry hair styling products help smooth frizz, add shine, and bring out the best in your natural hair texture. Allow hair to air dry for a few minutes so your natural pattern can start to come through. Contents. Let hair air-dry after applying mousse and styling. When hair mousse is applied to wet hair that is dried with a hair dryer, it provides additional volume and hold. For full and bouncy beach waves, we recommend using a mousse like SexyHair Styling Mousse. $18.95. If you have wavy hair, you’re probably familiar with the air-drying method. Use the medium heat setting on your hair dryer. This styling foam blends easily with the hair strands and adds texture and … Nexxus Volumizing Foam offers a light hold that provides fine and flat hair with ample body. Say goodbye to frizz once and for all with Sebastian Professional Mousse Forte. Best Alcohol-Free Mousse: Nexxus Volumizing Foam, 4. Step 2: Horizontally part your hair. Hair mousse is a product that is primarily advantageous in the fact that it adds hold without causing stiffness or greasiness. Air Dry Foam enhances your natural wave pattern so it will give a bit of volume throughout your hair. Gently scrunch the curl clumps and allow them to air dry. We’ll display the strength of each product as we move through our list. Another interesting option? However, you do not have to have colored hair to reap its benefits. Like most hair products, mousse can contain ingredients that strip your hair of natural oils. When it comes to creating reliable hair products for wavy and curly-haired people, John Frieda has got it in the bag. If your hair is dry and damaged, it’s best to use a deep-conditioner or nourishing serum to restore its moisture before applying hair products like mousse. We will never send you spam. If you’re looking for a product that can offer you all-day coverage, however, OGX Coconut Decadent Creamy Mousse can’t make you any promises. Air drying your hair can be very beneficial. The problem comes later: leaving your house with wet hair isn’t always an option, especially if you live in a colder climate. £7 £4.67 per 100ml (8) Add to trolley. How to: Prep: Shampoo + condition in shower as usual. It’s just a matter of figuring out what type of mousse is right for your waves.

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