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All of these organizational process assets are specific to the performing organization. Enterprise enviromental factors 4. Conflict Management 4. In other words, The Organizational Process Assets are the properties of an organization which helps the organization to achieve its goals. Enterprise environmental factors 3. Click here for a detailed analysis of each project management process … 1. Organizational culture and structure are enterprise environmental factors (EEFs) that can influence the Plan Schedule Management process. Cost 10. As per the PMBOK® Guide. for the manage stakeholder engagement process, a process from the executing process group, historical information about previous projects is considered a critical input from the organizational process assets. PMP Exam Set B – Q20 ( PMBOK 6th edition ) Organizational process assets are an input to all of the following Stakeholder Management processes EXCEPT: A. 2 Organizational Process Assets Updates Final product, services, or results transition This output refers to the TRANSITION of the final product, service, or result that the project was authorized to produce (or in the case of phase closure, the intermediate product, service, or result of that phase). Organizational process assets include any or all process related assets from any or all organizations involved in the project that can be used to have an influence on the project outcome. They are termed as such because they influence a project, and are both an input and output of many processes. A solid understanding of these concepts is an important part of your preparation for the PMP exam. Similarly an organization has assets in terms of process policies and knowledge base which becomes mature with the time. Standardized stakeholder list is not a valid organizational process asset used in the Plan Resource Management process. Meetings OUTPUTS 1. The fourth edition PMBOK® defines Organizational Process Assets as “any or all process related assets, from any or all of the organizations involved in the project that can be used to influence the project’s success.” Examples include: plans, procedures, lessons learned, historical information, schedules, risk data and earned value data. Expert judgment 2. . Observation and Conversation helps to stay in touch with the team and resolve their issues. Project management plan updates 6. PMBOK 6th edition - Page 520. The organizational process assets are listed as an input to 47 of the 49 project management processes, across all of the project management process groups. What is Organizational Process Assets In PMBOK 5th Edition Posted on October 7, 2016 October 7, 2016 by trainings24x7blog You will find Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEFs) and Organizational Process Assets (OPAs) very frequently while going through the PMBOK5th edition and therefore firm understanding of the topics is required. PMP® ITTO sheet on PMBOK® 6th Edition by © Scope INPUTS TOOLS OUTPUTS Plan Scope Management Collect Requirements Define Scope 1. Organizational Process Assets “Plans, processes, policies, procedures, and knowledge bases that are specific to and used by the performing organization.” PMBOK ® Guide. Organizational Process Assets are the Plans, processes procedures, and knowledge bases that are specific to and used by the performing organization. Work performance data 3. Manage Stakeholder Engagement C. Plan Stakeholder Engagement D. Monitor Stakeholder Engagement. A. There are two broad categories of OPAs: processes and procedures, and corporate knowledge base. Project documents updates 7. 4. Organizational Process Assets (OPA) and Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF) are listed as “influences” in the PMBOK Guide. Deliverables 2. Organizational process assets. ... Can be enterprise environmental factors or organizational process assets; Initiating and Planning. 1. What is the definition of organizational process assets in project management? A. Human Resource 8. They include formal and informal plans, policies, procedures, and guidelines. Issue log 4. Project management plan 2. Those are the documents of previous projects , all documents related to ur project which acts as an input to the management of project that may be procurement, stakeholder etc any department. Change requests 5. Identify Stakeholders B. Organizational Process Assets—Processes and Procedures. Team resource availability and skills and physical resource availability are enterprise environmental factors (EEFs) that can influence the Plan Schedule Management process. Meetings OUTPUTS 1. Organizational process assets; Conduct Procurements.

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