what types of projects do computer scientists work on

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kindly guide this noobie, sir ,i am studying Cse 2nd year i want to do a mini project which will be easy to select and do represent in innovative manner can u help me, i am a computer science engineering student.i need help for project on construction system manageme.nt. Therefore, a strong coding/programming skill is a necessary requirement. And how can I make it for the mobile phones? Model. Sir, am priyadharshini. Development Related Project Topics– Software, Mobile Apps etc. The app user can write down the city name across the globe within the app. The Data Science Generalist. I am 3rd yr BE student.i need some miniproject with coding and explanation and output format also. hi, please help me to make final year project in networking something new please help …. I need mini project topic for socket communication between two networks using java…….. Pls suggest a project topic for msc computer science.pls pls…. The applications of this language are vast and also used in final year CSE engineering projects. sir, I am final year M.Sc computer science student.suggest me a topic in c# for major project. Help me out…, sie i am in final year, information technology student . Design and Implementation of a Certificate Verification System for a Corporate Organization, Design and Implementation of a GPS and Geo-Location Device for an Oil and Gas Firm, Design and Implementation of an Electronic Invoicing System for a Mega Mall, Design and Implementation of an Online Opinion and Public Perception Polling System, Design and Implementation of a Cooperative Thrift and Credit Society System, Design and Implementation of Data Collation, Sorting and Analysis for an Election Management Agency, Design and Implementation of a Crop Performance Monitoring System with Automatic SMS Notification System [for farmers], Design and Implementation of Automatic Wi-Fi Detection Application, Design and Implementation of an Online Clearance System for Graduating Students, Design and Implementation of Web based Customer Chat-box for Online Businesses, Design and Implementation of Computerized Budget Analysis System for a Finance Department, Design and Implementation of an Online Birth Rate Monitoring Information System, Design and Implementation of a Software for Automobile Insurance Scheme in Nigeria, Design and Implementation of Cloud-based Local Bus Ticketing System, Design and Implementation of an Online Bookstore Management System, Design and Implementation of Food Ordering and Management System – for Restaurants [Mobile App], Design and Implementation of Android-based Toll Payment System, Design and Implementation of Android-based Vehicle Tracking System, Design and Implementation of an Online Loan Application and Verification System, Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in the 21, The Impact of Big Data Analytics on Social Development in Third World Countries, The Role and Impact of a Tech Ecosystem in Local Technology Growth, The use of Data Science in Understanding Consumer Behavioural Pattern (A Case Study for Corporate Organizations), The Effect of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and Its Impact on Corporate Data Collection, The Study and Analysis of Robotics and Its Future Impact on Human Relationships, Exploration and Study of Cloud Storage in Relations to Data Safety, Integrity and Access, Internet of Things Weather Reporting System, Design and Implementation of Automated Biometrics Attendance System for Colleges, Explorative Study of the Use of Big Data in Solving Nigeria’s Energy Challenges, Design and Implementation of Stock Market Analysis and Prediction System using Artificial Intelligence, The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Developing Intelligent Systems, Design and Implementation of Voice Detection System. By using this project, the database can be easily maintained, an operation is easy, it takes less time to operate the system, and the user can send the emails through this system. Recruitment System in Corporate based on Oracle Database, Ticket Reservation in Airline through Online based on Oracle Database, Oracle Database based Ship Management System, School Management System a based on Oracle Database, Database Management System for Human resources, Oracle Database based Insurance Portal through Online, Reservation System of Seat in Airline using C Programming, Management System of Hospital using C Language, Management System to Food Order using C Programming, Management System of Bank using C Language, C Programming based Booking of Movie Ticket, Billing System in an Electronics Store using C Language, Management System of stationery Shop using C Programming, Management System of Hostel based on C Language, Management System of Tourism using C Programming, Exam Results System based on C Programming, Cricket Score Board based on C Programming, Management System for Personal Diary using C, Gamification Techniques based Behavioural Analysis, Booking System of Spa & Salon through Online, Security System for E-Commerce with Biometric Authentication, Promotion of Business & Analysis of Offer Trend, Web Search Engine through SEO Optimizer and Web Annotations, Plagiarism Checker for Online Assignment using Data Mining, Delivery Management System for Newspaper through Online, Management System for Examination & Online Course, Fraud Detection of Credit Card based on ASP.Net, Maintaining of Records for Crime Reports using ASP.Net, Reorganization System of Vehicle-based on ASP.Net, Management System of Personal Identity using ASP.Net, Business Consultancy through Online using ASP.Net, Management System for Stock in Oil Company, Monitoring System of Software License using ASP. For beginners, selecting the HTML based project is difficult. sir i need to know about vedio splitting like 50 50 or 20 80…..may i no how to…, Hello sir.. I NEED A RESEARCH ORIENTED PROJECT PLS REPLY HERE OR MY MAIL I DONT KNOW HOW TO MOVE ON. Sir i am student of bca-1.i want to devlop project by usin c language .and also suggest me how i know deep knowedge in c. Sir i am student of bca-1.I want devlop project by using c language pls help me to how we can devlop .i also wants deep knowedge in c language. any new ideas of software projects on developing agriculture, Hii…. There are separate divisions are providing to maintain a record of student and fee details. Tracking System of Employee through Oracle Database. The list of computer science project ideas is as follows. You’ll need to hone your search, filtering and evaluation skills – how to dig deeper beyond the surface. IT consultant. Computer science doctorates range in length, often depending on research and thesis requirements. I am a ICTSM trade trainee .Kindly suggest me some good projects in Course related for my final year project. The following are examples of types of specialties for computer and information research scientists: Data science. Hey , jst give m idea which domain i chose, for final yr cse . I’m a final year CSE Student I Need some Ideas for developing a Online Projects, i am CSE 3 rd year student i want project idea based on web designing please help me. And project should be based on hardware. are the new buzzwords we are getting used to. Hy……..i am student of IT Kindly suggest any simple and innovative idea for final year project, hello i need help for final; year project Please give ideas for unique Andriod or Web Based, hi sir now im studying CSE btech 2nd year i have an iterest to do one project which is better can you plkease give me sugistion for that. Hi sir, I am doing my btech final year.I would like know more about Voice Based Email for Blind.Is that a relevant topic?a current system is available now,is it possible to add advancements to this topic.Will you please suggest idea. Computer science engineering projects involve designing and development of various application-based software. By using this project, the user can verify the climate condition & forecast whether that is a sunny day or cloudy day. Hello Sir, I am a CSE student. This project runs in Mozilla/Chrome browser and uses JavaScript to make the validation in a particular part of the project. Could you please provide me some project ideas related to IOT(Internet Of Things). For project and thesis work also they are relying on outdated topics. Hello! AOA! A few of these people pre-date the invention of the digital computer; they are now regarded as computer scientists because their work can be seen as leading to the … please help me…. To design this project, the basics of HTML are mandatory. so I haven’t come any idea .please give me idea. Along with HTML, CSS can be used to get an enhanced look to your form as well as the webpage. hii im a computer science btech student can u plzz suggest me some good mini projects??? Sir iam nany. i am elakiya.i need some idea for this Modelling Multi-Operator Base Station Deployment Patterns in Cellular Networks.can you help me. $100,000. In real-time, HTML based projects will help the CSE students to test their practical knowledge, and sharpen their coding skills as well. ... All this math serves as an important experience for computer science students to ensure they are able to work out complex problems based on an existing formulas and methods. what kind of ideas can be developed and implemented? of computer science engineering. Hi there to every body, it’s my first pay a quick visit of this webpage; this weblog contains amazing and really fine data in favor of readers. Hello sir, I’m a prefinalier BTech student.please give me some ideas for my miniproject on PHP and MySQL. To maintain their data records by adding guests, one has to enter his name, address, etc. I want to do a mini project based on database storing the email Ids of students when the result is published the system automatically sends the results to email. which i can do. i need some proposed idea based on Modelling Multi-Operator Base Station Deployment Patterns in Cellular Networks.plz reply fast. A Computer Science portal for geeks. Thus, this is all about an overview of computer science project ideas for engineering students, college students based on different platforms like C, Net, HTML, C++, Java, Python, etc. Once this project is opened in any browser, click on the index.html file to download the source code of the guest manager within JavaScript. Mini Projects. I need some concepts and ideas for project on digital/technical marketing. Consequently, it provides independent & distributed access for the user to the encrypted database within the cloud. Hope the above was informative enough? hello.. i am a cse student studying 2 year.can i have any new mini projects to do?? The study of computer science includes programming, design, analysis, and theory. but this time have my project. hi! The study of computer science includes programming, design, analysis, and theory. This language plays a key role in designing websites by adding CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). You could take just a minute to subscribe to our blog to start receiving fresh and unique contents from us and stay updated. I want to know about the speech recognition. Don’t Miss: Android Projects for Engineering Students. if you provide me sample source code it would be better. Logic The syntax, semantics and structure of formal systems of logic such as propositional logic. Computer science project topics can be implemented by a number of tools such as Java,.NET, Oracle, etc. Computer science project topics can be implemented by a number of tools such as Java, .NET, Oracle, etc. DID YOU KNOW? Each career profile provides basic career information such as salary, job outlook, degree requirements, and more. Don’t Miss: Electronics Projects for Engineering Students, Don’t Miss: Embedded Systems Projects for Engineering Students. I am B.E comp.sci 3rd yr… I do facbook image mafiya mini project… Please, help me sir.. Its very urgent reply fast. The applications are software development, web development, scripting. Sir, I am an mtech Cse student. I AM DOING MASTER OF TECH. The work that computer and information research scientists do often leads to advancement and increased efficiency in many areas, such as better networking technology, faster computing speeds, and improved information security. Helo Sir, i am final year student nd i want to submit my minor project could u plz suggest me some differnt idea :v i want to do something different could u plz help me ! I need some project ideas/topics based on simulated annealing application. i have to work on wireless networks can you help me.? Hiii…. - Structure & Tuning Methods. One of the other key skills for computer science majors is the ability to solve complex problems in a systematic and logical way. This project investigates how to build an efficient, high-quality content-based similarity search engine for feature-rich (non-text) data, which has dominated the increasing volume of digital information. Will you please help me. Walking in the Fog. i want to project on data security networks .please send some topics, gud evng sir.i want latest projects for computer science projects, hello sir I am finally year bsc cs student plz help me my project topic scholarship management plz give me modules, hlo sir,am final yr cse student am getting confused in selecting my final yr project. Once you know that you want to work with computers, it is important to narrow your selection even further. hello, iam a computer science student.suggest me a IEEE paper which is better to select as a project topic. This is a list of computer scientists, people who do work in computer science, in particular researchers and authors.. After that, you can employ the tags to make a text field, date, radio button, checkbox & other essential elements included in a form. Net, Online Exam based Job Portal using ASP.Net. i m in now last year MTech i want to search for final year project in data mining and database management so any interesting project in this domain.i want only project which is IEEE transactional paper.So please help me…..thanking u……. relating to real life or related to any web development or any type of project which is beneficial and used for future please, hy please give me some good ideas for my final year project am a computer science student but i want to make some great and super project for final year any new idea? sir.. my name is sujit kumar. Design And Implementation Of Computerized Registration Application For School Enrollment. By using this project, the user generates different person names from all over the world through one click. Any ideas for cs branch minor projects?? please give me advice. The random name generator project is designed in HTML language using JavaScript and CSS. hello sir, I’m doing ,my final year in information technology.I need some ideas and project titles on networking domain. sir i want to know on what kind of ideas i can make my project and take it to my final year and also implement it? … [ Programming and Coding Intensive] Programming related projects are often the most popular among the project topics most suitable for computer science students, primarily because the field is a technologically-inclined one. Sir,am a ise final year student..can I do project on earthquake detection….if so,plz give me complete information about it as soon as possible plzzzz….. hi sir i m 3rd year cse students please give me some idea to implement the image steganography project. Computer Science Projects on Fuzzy Keyword Search Over Encrypted Data In Cloud Computing ... High quality is attained at low bit rates by exploiting signal redundancy as well as the knowledge that certain types of coding distortion are difficult because they are masked by the signal. tell me some project ideas on cloud computing. Are we allowed to take the ideas here and work on them? This project is used to design a medical store system for booking online. See below a suggest list you can choose from: Contemporary and Latest Tech Related Project Topics, Tips to Delivering a Standard CSC Project. i’m studying B.E/CSE.i need idea for my mini project, hi i’m mca student i need mini project in vb.net with any topic related to computer science, Pls i need a project on Credit Card Reader with Face Recognition based on Webcam, Pls i need a project base on : Credit Card Reader with Face Recognition based on Webcam. Programming related projects are often the most popular among the project topics most suitable for computer science students, primarily because the field is a technologically-inclined one. i want to do project on dataanalytics. Once it is downloaded, then used for educational purposes only. The android-based weather app can be developed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. i have to select my project domain as mobile signals….so please give some idea for mobile signals….. hello i am n diploma computers last year student i wanna new n special idea for mini project based on java .do please guide or reply……. hy please give me some good ideas for my final year project am a computer science student but i want to make some great and super project for final year any new idea? Please i need your help here can you helpe with an idea? Here, click function. Time Tracking System based on Web using Oracle Database. Hi I am computer engineering final year student and I want a valid project idea for me, more like AI, Communication and others related to my filed. In this project, you will put all of that knowledge, along with some new skills you will develop around design, planning, and project … Below are some skills and background knowledge to have: This is the core of the field of computing, about 70% of projects in computer science will involve development of software, applications, intelligent systems etc. I am btech cse student.I need a miniproject topic using java. The design of this tribute page can be done using HTML language. Software developers research, plan, develop, and test systems-level … iam ani iam a student of bsc cs final year in kannur university i need an idea for a project pls help me, Hi Ani Thanks for your response For more latest and updated project ideas please refer to the link For customization of projects please email us on team@elprocus.com, hlo sir,i need some projects on security.can u provide them, Hii…..sir… give some project topic idea releted java languge for last year computer diploma, Hlo sir I want to buy final year project with documentation. Relevant “Soft” Skills. I am confuse for my first project please give me very simple and effective idea for my project. Data Warehousing and Data Mining Dictionary, Fuzzy Keyword Search in Cloud Computing over Encrypted Data, Web-Based Graphical Password Authentication System, Identification and Matching of Robust-Face Name Graph for Movie Character, Controlling of Topology in Ad hoc Networks by Using Cooperative Communications, An SSL Back End Forwarding Scheme of Clusters Based On Web Servers, Motion Extraction Techniques Based on Identifying the Level of Perception Power from Video, Approximate and Efficient Processing of Query in Peer-to-Peer Networks, Chinese Input with Eye Tracking and Keyboard, Automated Image Enhancement Based Identification of Plaque, Developing the Encryption, API, Architecture, and Security of Biometric Technology, Automated Transport Enquiry System in MySQL and C# Based on Voice, Modeling and Detection of the Camouflaging Worm, Increased Development Process Quality-Based Testing of Automotive Real-Time, SQL Based Employee Management System in ASP and C# .NET, Management System of Pharmacy in MySQL and PHP, Graph Analysis and Generation for Detecting the Source Code Plagiarism Based on Program, Implicit Approach Based Animating and Buildup of Wind-Driven Snow, Bullet Physics and Cinder Graphics Based Doodle Processing System, Simulation and Modeling of Unknown Factors in Acquisition, Image Processing Segmentation Based Verification of Secured Fingerprint Using Computational Geometry Algorithms, Mathematical Morphology Based Algorithm for Image Noise Reduction, Flexible Data Dissemination Strategy in Mobile, Fingerprint Verification System Based on a Correction, Automatic Removal and Estimation of Noise in From a Single Image, Dynamic Time Warping and Triangular matching Based on a Fingerprint Verification System, Smart Card Security and Static Analysis Perspective from a Java, Internet-Based Monitoring of Remote Electrocardiogram, Internet Protocol Trace Back Based Detection and Modeling of Camouflaging Worm, Storage Systems Based HBA Distributed Meta Data Management for large Cluster, Image Analysis and Compression with PSNR and MSE Technique, Implementation of Threshold Cryptography for MANET Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Image Processing for Resizing and Bilinear Filters, The architecture of Distributed Database in Next Generation Mobile Networks for Global Roaming, Recognition of Dynamic Pattern and Character Using Neural Networks, Customer Relationship Management Based on Distributed Component Router, Supply Chain Management System Based on Distributed Component Router, Dynamic Logistics Management and Support Systems, Design and implementation of Mobile Banking, JMX Based Managing and Monitoring the Clusters, Implementation of Multi Router Traffic Monitoring, Real-Time Transmission Protocol Based Broadcasting of Multicast Video, Multicast Routing For Collaborative Applications with Delay Variation Constraints On Overlay Networks, Near-Optimal Multicast Scheme Using a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Hoc and Mobile Networks, SNMP Based Network Monitoring and Analyzer Tool, Network Border Patrol for Promoting Fairness on the Internet and Preventing Congestion Collapse, Recognition of Digits Back Propagation and Handwritten Based on Neural Network, Novel Framework for Personalized Retrieval and Semantic Annotation of Sports Video, Query Workload Based Online Index Recommendations of High Dimensional Data Bases, Image Retrieval Imaging Based on Content, Adaptive and Personal, Software and Algorithms for problems in Radiation Therapy and Radio Surgery and Medical Applications, Development of an Application for Weekly Automatic College Timetable, Using Pythagoras and Trigonometry to Watermark an Image, By Using Steganography Compression and Decompression of Wavelet, Coded Structured Light-Based Real-Time 3-D Data Processing.

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